just some unspoken thoughts

It was worth it in the end, was it?  — 29 June,2017

It was worth it in the end, was it? 

Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself:

“Is it worth it?” 


“Will it be worth it in the end”

Before moving into anything in life, before getting to know anyone. Because sadly, most of the things you decide to do, and the people you get to know are not worth it. They’re not worth the effort you put into your relationship with them nor the pain that may come with it. 

So when you feel a situation or a person isn’t adding to your being, whether emotionally, physically or mentally, You gotta stop and ask,

Is it worth the efforts you’re putting through it? 

Will it benefit you in anyway or form later on? 

And when the answer is NO.
You drop it and leave, 

Because the expenses that you may have to pay later on are grave. 

Time Vs. Love, Heart Vs. brain, who shall win — 7 June,2017

Time Vs. Love, Heart Vs. brain, who shall win

Some say time has the ability to overcome love, while others say love has the ability to conquer time and it’s infinite rules. 

Truth is, they’ll always be in a battle, and you’ll always be stuck in between, torn, whether to hold on, or to let go. You’ll always be in a constant battle between your heart and your mind. But then comes a third person here, your gut feeling, that should be your only judge in such battles. 

Gut feelings, intuitions, hunches, regardless of what you name it, it will be the only thing that could help you make a decision, between following your heart or following your mind, whether to keep holding on against time or to cut down all the ropes and let yourself fall. 

In all of this, your gut feeling is ALWAYS right, because after all its not up to your heart or your mind, at the end of the day its that feeling you get in pit of your stomach that will and should win, 

Moving on 101… — 6 April,2017

Moving on 101…

Firstly, you wish the person never existed, and the memories to burn to ashes. 

Secondly, you hate the person and the memories you had with them. 

Thirdly, you’re indifferent towards the person but you’re nostalgic for those memories. 

And lastly, when a high level of inner peace and calmness is reached, you smile remembering those memories and how happy you were at that time, with no thoughts of the person in mind. 

That how you move on. 

Coincidence?  — 11 March,2017


There’s NO such as coincidence. 

You met the people you’ve met for a reason, you’re meeting new people right now for a reason, and you’ll meet new people in the future for a reason. You left people and got left behind for a reason. 

We’re just a bunch of trespassers, coming into each others lives for a reason. There’s no such a thing as coincidence, its all been settled down by FATE. 

Letters to self (2) — 28 February,2017

Letters to self (2)

Dear you, 

Tired of the voices in your head? The constant whispers, holding you back. 

Here’s a tip: listen to them, they’re there for a reason. In fact, their presence itself is a blessing because it means you still have your conscience intact. But don’t let them hold you back, use them as a guidance, and when they get so loud, almost deafening, mute them out into just mere background music.

For they’re there to guide you, not to rule you. 

2k16 in a nutshell  — 31 December,2016

2k16 in a nutshell 

Another year passing by with the good, the bad and the in between. 2016 was the epitome of inconsistency, if i’d illustrate it on a graph, it will be with lots of peaks, troughs and few horizontal platforms here and there. But come to think of it, isn’t it just like any other year? I wouldn’t believe that there’s a life that isn’t filled with ups and downs, with sadness and happiness, with losing as well as gaining, with love, hate, and grief. 

My 2k16 started off good, went on with ups and downs, in so many aspects of my life, and if you’d have asked me a week ago, i’d say it is ending as a horrible one. But after a lot of thinking, i’ll say it is definitely ending on good terms, regardless of what i’ve lost, especially in the past couple of days. I’ve lost people who were dear to me, i’ve lost my heart along with them, and most importantly i’ve lost my trust in people and in my own judgement. Nonetheless, i’ve gained much much more, i’ve got to know people that i’d once called acquaintances but are now dear friends to me, i’ve got to know what people are made of actually, when thrown into a situation, because as the saying goes:

“Only hardships could show you who’s gold, and who’s gold plated” 

And im forever thankful to that. 

Now i don’t expect 2017 to be any different, and neither should you. A year will not be good to you or bad to you unless you will it enough to be so. what’s changing is just the date, unless you decide to change yourself along with it. It will be full of ups and downs, just like all the ones before it, however that should give you a head start and prepare for the coming roller coaster. 

What you should do is enjoy the ups, learn from the downs and rise up again from the in between. Look at it as if you’re one year closer to achieving your dream, one year closer to finding your own  self, and one year closer to finding your “personal legend” in the universe-as sir Coelho says- that you shall reach after all. 

I wish you all a good ending to 2016, and that 2017 shall be full of more ups than downs, more love than hate and more gain than loss, especially gaining oneself. May the odds be in your favor, and the changing of date comes with true change of oneself as well. 

Happy New Year. ❤️

Letters to self  — 26 December,2016

Letters to self 

Dear you, 

You don’t have to pinpoint the feelings that you’re feeling. Stop labeling, quit categorizing your emotions. Yes, they’re a wild mess, but maybe that’s all what they’re supposed to be; just a wild mess of emotions. 

What you should do is embrace them, feel them, maybe even cry over them, then you move on, and you don’t look back, making room for other emotions to flow through. Do not dwell much on them, know and truly believe that you are mesmerizing just the way you are, 
A wild mess.