Some say time has the ability to overcome love, while others say love has the ability to conquer time and it’s infinite rules. 

Truth is, they’ll always be in a battle, and you’ll always be stuck in between, torn, whether to hold on, or to let go. You’ll always be in a constant battle between your heart and your mind. But then comes a third person here, your gut feeling, that should be your only judge in such battles. 

Gut feelings, intuitions, hunches, regardless of what you name it, it will be the only thing that could help you make a decision, between following your heart or following your mind, whether to keep holding on against time or to cut down all the ropes and let yourself fall. 

In all of this, your gut feeling is ALWAYS right, because after all its not up to your heart or your mind, at the end of the day its that feeling you get in pit of your stomach that will and should win,