One of the best feelings any bookworm/person could ever feel is when you are reading a book and you know with absolute certainty it will change you forever, that you actually start to feel the change happening deep inside. You feel your perspective changing, like the lens you’ve been seeing the world through is different, somehow clearer, showing the finest details. It feels like your horizons are broadening and nothing feels as good as that! 

I’ve only felt this kind of feeling and went through such a change twice in my life: 

  1.  The Alchemist- Paulo Coehlo 
  2. The Forty Rules Of Love- Elif Shafak 

Given the names of these authors, one can only expect their books to be as great, and to me, they were a turning point in my life. Those were the books that while reading them I knew my life will never be the same. 

I had a huge problem recently, feeling like my connection to God is being strained in some way, that I’m unable to reach Him in the right way, to be close to Him in the best way possible and to worship Him rightfully as He deserves. Yes, the “Quran” is our guidance in finding God and worshiping Him. But, “The Forty Rules Of Love” showed me a different insight on how to worship God. It wasnt like I didn’t worship at all, i just felt like I am doing the deeds for the sake of it, out of habit, maybe, but not having my heart 100% through in it. Always feeling like something is missing. 

I used to think there are proper routes one’s supposed to take to reach God, and the one i was taking was somehow wrong, but I realized that, as a matter of fact, there isn’t a fixed way to reach God and worship Him rightfully. Simply because all of us worship in a different way, coming from different backgrounds, taking different routes to the same destination. No route is greater than the other, nor faster or easier. And with God being merciful enough, He accepts every way you could ever take in order to reach Him. All you need to have is a pure heart, an open mind and soul, to let God through. 

     “Seek God and He shall find you”

That is one of the quotes that made me stop and think, as simple as it may seem, maybe I wasn’t seeking God enough and hence I couldn’t find him. 
Another one was when she quoted Rumi and said:

      “They say there’s a thin line between losing yourself in God and losing your mind” 

And to me, these quotes couldn’t be anymore relatable.