I realized that since i recently turned 21, i am supposed to “adult up” somehow. But that, is the main reason why i keep my inner child unleashed. I am still a kid deep down inside, trying to ignore the responsibilities that come along with growing up, holding them at bay. 

I was never known for backing out or quitting but i simply can’t do being an adult 24/7. Sometimes i just need to be that little girl who can eat cotton candy at the local fair, and could be ecstatic with a balloon and chocolates. Other times i need to care about my studies, plan out my future and work for it, but trust me, that sometimes gets really really exhausting. Planning everything ahead is something i grew up with, maybe it’s my obsession with perfection, i don’t know, but what i do know is with all the organization, I sometimes need to be spontaneous, make impulsive decisions and just let it go. 

Just like right now.