It’s been long..

Long since you’ve been treated for what you’re worth

Long since you’ve felt loved, cared for

Long since you’ve loved yourself for what it is, flawed or not

Long since you’ve believed in yourself, trusted your gut feeling. 

Long since you’ve said no and stood your ground rather than going with the flow. 

Long since you’ve felt that you finally belonged, to someone, somewhere. 

Long since you’ve felt that you at last have reached a place to call home. 

How long shall you wait? 

Till you actually believe what’s happening to you, 

That you’re a worthless person, unloved, with no self-confidence at all

Or till you lose the right to your opinion, your capability to voice it. 

Or will you always be a traveler, even at heart! 

Do not wait a damn minute longer, for all these matters are yours, 

Do not let it shape you

Because you’re only defined by yourself!