And finally i can breathe! I’m done with my sophomore year physio and i feel like i’ve finally conquered the monster, game over. 

This year was like nothing before in my 14 years of education! It was tough in everything, starting with getting deep into the major, to the heavy load of subjects and credit hours, to long days of clinical training & ICU. It was a wild roller coaster ride, let me tell you that! And i’ve never been glad to have my summer vacation like i am right now. 

This summer is gonna be long, but hopefully productive! I have a lot of plans on my to-do list, and hopefully will get them all done. And by productive i mean actually doing something, and making use of my time than just watching movies or shows or reading, which i’ll be also doing alot of! 

All i can say is adios sophomore year and hola summer! 

Tell what do you plan to do in your vacations if you have any!