Walk 30-45mins daily, even if you don’t workout or hit the gym.Why?

A mere of 30-45 mins walk can:

* improve metabolism

* Improve blood circulation

* Regulate blood pressure & blood glucose level

* Burn fats (approx 400kcal/hr)

* Improve body hydration and absorption of water

* Improve muscular function

* Improve breathing patterns

* Detoxify the body

* Reduce stress

* Improve mood significantly

-To gain the most of your workout, interchange between walking, slow jogging, fast jogging and running

-Hydrate your body well before & after the walk, with few sips during the walk itself

-regulate your breathing pattern, maintain it on a medium rate, not too fast, not too slow, and keep a count of it while walking

Do some workout exercises after the walk to get the max benefit, like:

*2 sets of double leg squat

*2 sets of single leg squat

*2 sets of jump-squats

*2 sets jumping jacks

*2 sets of setups

*2 sets side setups

*A set of push-ups

*2 sets of wall push-ups

*10s blanks

-When combining the walk with exercises, you can burn approx. 700kcal after each session

-You can download a tracking app from the App Store to help you keep a track of the KM walked, the burned Cals, speed, heart rate etc

-it can motivate you also, if you set a specific distance as your daily goal, every time you reach your goal, you’ll be motivated to walk more the next time. 

N.B: don’t forget to stretch before the walk and before the exercises to avoid muscle soreness.