She spent days and days 

Stuck in her dreams 

Of ever seeing him again

Looking into his eyes

Holding his hand one last time 

Of getting one more chance to say how much she loved him, still love him

But life never gave second chances 

And she never got hers

Her dreams became her worst nightmares

Every time she realized what she’s wishing for

Was everything she once had 

But took for granted.

She never thought that one day they won’t be together 

Now it’s been 6 months 

Since the last time she saw him, 

One that didn’t end on good terms

One that had a lot of screaming and breaking, 

But mostly, the breaking of hearts 

How could a person break their own heart along with someone else’s heart?!

Her wounds are still fresh like day one

They say time heals but her wounds haven’t done much healing

Regret is growing by the minute 

Eating her alive

Wishing she was the one who’s dead

At least he’s not living the tortuous life she is

He somehow got away,

And left her alone in this world

To decay.