It’s well known that energy can’t be created nor destroyed. It can only be converted from one form to another. Transfered from one object to another.  

We’re all forms of energy, aren’t we? While we are alive we’re full of potential and kinetic energy. 

But what I fail to understand is: what happens to our energy when we die? Where does it go, to whom? And does the way we die has an effect on where our energy goes? Would our energy be used in the good or the bad? Or would it be of no use at all? 

I was never a fan of physics neither had any physical reasonings, but i read a book recently that triggered these ideas that I can’t seem to stop thinking about neither know the answer to. 

Nonetheless, its just interesting to know that we humans or object are nothing but specks of energy making up this vast world. 

Good morning ✌🏼️