I’ve never believed in the saying “everyone has his soulmate somewhere in this world” and never believed in love from first sight. All these psychological theories were and still are not proven right to me, and hence i came up with my own theory; “The Click” 

All it takes is a click to feel that this person is the right one. That click can be on mental level or emotional level, but all it takes is that click in the heart deep down and you know that you’re done with the searching, done with the waiting, and done with all these hypothesis they fill our minds with in magazines and papers. 

I haven’t had that click untill now, never felt it untill now. And this click feels even better than falling in love. It feels like your locked heart have been spilt wide open and the key isn’t yours anymore, that your heart is on the verge of going out of your controlled hands and jump off a cliff. 

It’s this click that is the first step to falling in love.