Ever wonder how life would be

If you’ve had it the way you wished 

If you’ve made the right decisions, met the right people at the right time

If you took a risk and stepped out of your comfort zone

If you haven’t made any wrong turns 

If you overcame your fear.

It wouldn’t be the same,

But most importantly, you won’t be you.


All what you’ve wished for but never got

All the wrong decisions that you’ve made, the wrong people you’ve met

And all the moments that seemed out of place

All the risks you were too afraid to take,

The cliffs that you were too afraid to leap

All the wrong turns you’ve taken 

All the fears that haunts you day and night 

And all the things that just weren’t right, 

Made you who you are today.

So enough with the IFs and just live

The rest will fall into its right place.