It’s unbelievable to say this but I’m done with my very first year of uni. One year down, 3 more to go. 

It is with no doubt that time flies fast, untraceably fast!! If it wasn’t for the hot weather in here, i’d think we’re still in November. But here I am in June, done with the first year of uni, this year had alot in it, even though im not the kind of person who makes histories within days but this year holds alot within it’s folds. Let me share with you some of these moments. 

First semester had confusion written all over it. Moving from the high school system to a whole new system is confusing as hell. Though the subject weren’t any different from what I’ve studied in high school, but the exams, work load and projects started taking a whole new approach, A University Approach. Nevertheless, I met new people, that I can proudly call my friends. For a person who isn’t as social as me, having this amount of friends from different majors is a big achievement. The real shock was when I saw my first semester GPA and found that I got a GPA that puts me in the excellence category. That was a big deal for me because it was the pay off all the hardwork i’ve done for a whole semester. 

After a rushed semester break, the second semester come in, but this one had exhaustion written all over it. Starting with a really tiring schedule with back to back lectures and more Credit Hours than the first semester. This semester, even though was shorter but had a heavier burden of work to be done within a lesser time.  Finals kick in, times flies even faster with the maximum pressure i’ve ever had to live with, and today was my last final, and the official start of the summer vacation that I was yearning for. Now I’m only worried about my GPA for this semester, the results aren’t out yet, they’d be in a week, (fingers crossed). 

As usual we all make big plans for summer but end up with a mojito, popcorn and netflix (or any other equivalent) for the whole day. Well, not me, (or just partially, when I don’t have anything better to do), and while talking about having things to do, I do have big plans staring with the driving classes, gaining back my healthy body shape, uniforming my body color (I have weird tan lines due to my hijab), reading more books (i have 77 books to be read) and lastly taking German language classes. I know I won’t be able to fulfill 100% of the whole list but hopefully will finish the main plans by the end of the summer. 

Now enough about me, tell me how was your academic year (if you’re still a student), or working year. And what are your big plans for summer.