My life was too dark

Darker than a night sky

Without a moon to light up my path.

I’ve lived in a place where 

The sun never shines,

The moon never glows,

And the stars were nonexistent.

Only a big black hole

That seeps out my soul. 

I liked the night skies before 

They’re beautiful,

But not mine.

Mine was a night sky of pain, only pain.

When i was young

I owned a telescope, 

I used to sneak out to the backyard at night 

And stare up at the sky, 

Gazing at the clusters of stars, 

Marveling the silvery shine of the moon when full.

I was always fascinated with the night sky,

Hoping to dream of shooting stars while asleep. 

But they weren’t dreams, 

They were nightmares. 

Now I don’t fancy the night sky anymore

Not when my life became that dark

The difference is, the night sky had few clusters of stars 

Lighting it up, prettifying it. 

Had a moon to shine up the dark paths.

But not my sky,

Not my life,

My life had no clusters of happiness.

No moon of joy. 

Just a draped dark sky of pain.