It was a usual Sunday morning, 

I came in running to my best friend

Eager to spill it all out. 

She saw me and said:

“Oh god, who’s he? Someone new?”

She knows me too well 

To know that my eagerness in talking

Always has a guy behind it.

I started, “I’m in love, Marie, I feel like I’m in love, he’s so…” 

She stops me mid sentence saying:

“Honey, you were never in love, you’re always in-like” 

These words , “in like” got me thinking, 

Maybe I was never really in love,

with any of the men in all my stories 

that she has ever heard.

I run to her every time I have a new story, 

A new crush that I think he’s the one. 

I can’t help but be like any normal teenager, 

If that’s how teenagers are, 

With a new crush every few days. 

But maybe she’s right

Maybe I was never “in love” 

But is there even a relationship status known as “in like”?

Maybe all the guys I was “in like” with 

Were just a representation of how 

Being “in love” would be. 

And maybe being in love, 

Isn’t as fun as being in like

Maybe it’s less laughter, stalking & daydreams 

And more tears, hiding and reality. 

For being “in love” is growing up, 

And being “in like ”

Is our cutest teenage thing 

That we’ll laugh at 

For the rest of our lives.