Everything around me 

Screamed at me to stay away

To keep my distance, 

For my own safety.

Everything around me 

Were warning signs

But I was oblivious 

I was unconscious 

Or may be I was just


Isn’t that how love affects us?

Blindfolding us,

Dragging us deeper into oblivion.

They say “love is blind”,

While I say “love is brainless”

Because we’re not blinded, 

We DO see all the warning signs, 

Hear their deafening screams,

But cannot process them, 

Comprehend them, 

Or believe them.

For those signs are our worst fears.

I knew deep down 

From the first sight, 

You’re going to be either my reason to live 

Or the cause of my death. 

And now, looking back at those signs 

The ones I greatly misread 

I know for sure 

That you were ONLY the death of me.