I was always criticized for having boyish/ manly interests. Yes I am a girl, with more interest in football, cars and video games, than makeup, girly talks and all the drama coming with the girly hangouts. 

I love football, more than anything else, it’s the reason I chose my current major (physiotherapy), and being a girl who knows enough about football and loves to watch it,( never missing a match, whether for my team or any big match in all leagues around the world) doesn’t lessen my femininity the slightest bit. However I was criticized alot from women for being a tomboy, while men thought I do that to catch attention. Well, here’s a confession, I’m a girl who was raised in a family with more number of boys than girls, who used to play football until puberty hit her, and I definitely do not watch or have an interest in football just to catch men’s attention, that’s the last thing on my mind, because football is a passion to me, something I wish I ‘d do everyday. 

My “manly interests” includes watching football and keeping up with its news, (the ballon d’or ceremony is more important to me than the Oscars). I also know alot about cars, more than many men i’ve known, I love to know about the engines and the mechanical related stuff within a car, and I have a huge obsession with old cars of the 1960s to late 1980s. 

Video games is another thing that got me stereotyped as a complete man within a female body, but the truth is, it was one on the ways to connect with my only brother, to spend quality time together and become closer siblings. And it did build up a huge bond between me and him, along with football. Video games, (especially the war and car games) gave my brother and I a special kind of relationship that everyone envied us about. I don’t regret the least bit of taking such a step in liking video games to have a bond like I the one i have with my brother, in fact, it’s really interesting, and we can spend hours playing nonstop with laughters and giggles filling the room. 

I believe that your interest isn’t supposed to categorize you whether a male or a female. I am a female, who also likes shopping and appreciates a good cup of coffee with her ladies, and likes to get pampered like all other females. The only thing I detest is the drama and the extreme girly stuff and that’s what propells me away and choose the manly interests more. 

So here’s an advice to you all, do not categories and stereotype people based on what their likes are, it doesn’t make them more masculine or less feminine. Likes, interest and hobbies have nothing to do with the gender, so before you point your finger saying this girl is a tomboy or doing it for attention, just take a minute and think that she might be just doing what she loves and finds passion in. The same situation applies to men as well.