How could it be
You being the death of me
Yet be the one
Who breathes life back into me. 
How could it be
This heartache, this pain
Breaking out of me
When you were setting me free. 
How could it be
After all that i’ve done
After all that i’ve lived through
Walking around with no heart, 
Not knowing what i should do 
You come along,
With a heart in your hand,
And a kiss of hundred souls
Bringing me back to life.
Never believed, 
That one day 
You’d walk away
Taking the heart you once brought
Leaving behind a deserted soul
That never waited for the rain before. 
I’ve lived like a desert before
Got used to the drought 
Never tried how rain would feel, 
How being alive would be?
Why did you come along? 
Giving me a sweet taste of rain, of life
Then suddenly take it away!!