I’ve always been bold and straight forward. Never had the “beating around the bushes” attitude in life. I was always nothing but honest, about every little thing that comes out of my mouth, but being honest never got me any where. On the contrary, i feel it distanced me from many people. I know well that there’s a fine line between being honest and being rude, but the thing is i was never rude. 

I guess it’s because people hate hearing the truth that they know about well enough. I know that the truth about anything is harsh to face, but whenever it’s up to me, I would always choose to hear the heartbreaking truth over a malicious lie any day. 

And i guess that’s why people started to distance away from me. Because i tended to spill out the truth that they’re trying so hard to ignore. But sadly i can’t help it.  Believe it or not, i never lied, not about anything no matter how little it was. To me there’s no big lie or little lies. To me, lies are lies, whether big or small, that doesn’t change what they are. 

The reason why i never lie, neither hide, sugar coat nor give fake complements is that i hate being lied to, i hate people hiding anything away from me and i hate people who sugar coat everything the comes out of their mouths. And that’s why i tend to avoid it. 

Before people got to know me deep enough (to know that I wouldnt just say what they want to hear to be at peace with themselves or make them feel better even though it’s not true), they used to ask about my opinion in various matters. Slowly, my opinions didnt appeal to them, and didnt matter either. Hence they stopped asking for advice from me whatsoever. I’m not sad about it, it just make me wonder, why would people hate you when you say the truth and yet also hate you when you lie to them? It really doesn’t make sense. Don’t you think?!! 

I feel people should be more open about the straight forward people (including me). They need to understand that we know the difference between being honest, straight forward and being rude (at least most of us do). People need to be more accepting of the truth no matter how hard it may be.  

I’m not planning to change who i am, for whoever the person may be. It’s something that my parents taught me once, ” never change who you are for anyone, and that’s for 2 reasons, 1) people never really know what they want, and 2) whoever loves you strong enough wouldn’t wish for you to change, not even the slightest bit”. And that’s why i stayed who i am, regardless of the countless number of people that I’ve lost, i also tend to stay as i am, if not change to the better (only when needed). 

Tell about your view on this matter in the comments below. 

Goodnight ✌🏼️