Broken? Lost? Confused? 

Who isn’t? All of us are broken in one way or the other. All of us are lost, and all of us are confused about this random puzzle; life. The trick is not to stand and stare at your mess, but to collect your broken piece, mend them and glue yourself back together, because none of us is beyond repaire.

 Draw a map to get yourself out of the “lost state”. A detour here and a wrong turn there doesn’t mean it’s the end of the journey, because what matters is your final destination, not the routes you take upon reaching it. 

Pull yourself out of your confusion, don’t overthink, just live, with every broken bone of yours!! Live today like there’s no tomorrow, because what ever minutes we waste aren’t coming back, there’s no refund for a wasted life time. 

God only knows how much time to we have left before our last breath, so make the most of it, appreciate being alive, because somethings once they’re gone, they can never come back!!