Hi there,

My name is MAI OMAR, i guess we’ve established that already. I’m a 20yo Egyptian, a first year physiotherapy student in the university of sharjah, UAE. I’ve been living in UAE since 13 years now. I’m the eldest of my siblings that only consist of one brother. 

Now to the hobbies and leisure time activities, well I’m a bookaholic, kinda, I love reading, all genres but mostly fall in for fiction, fantasy, dystopia and YA. I also like poetry alot, mainly in arabic than in english, and i write some of my own as well that i will be sharing here soon. Beside books, you will never ever see me without headphones and music, ever, well unless I’m asleep!! I feel that lyrics and quotes speak my mind more than my tongue and my own words could ever do. My ultimate favorite bands are Coldplay and Linkinpark. I enjoy watching movies when ever I’m free mostly horror and thriller movies, not at all the girly type who would watch drama/romance kinda movies. I like cooking too, but only when I’m in a too good mood, my motto is “keep me in a good mood to get good food” 😂. 

My aim is to be a musculoskeletal physiotherapist, i would love to do my masters and PHD in Germany specifically because the physiotherapy field there is outstanding. Hence, I’m starting German classes this summer, hopefully. I also dream about working with sport clubs, because my favorite sport is football and I’m a big fan of Barcelona, I wish I’d work there one day, why not? Let’s dream big.  

I made this blog to try and speak my mind more often, it will basically include some of my poetry writings, maybe unspoken thoughts, idk whatever comes to my mind and feel like saying it or that it should be heard and thought about. 

I guess that’s all for now, nice to meet you all. I hope you enjoy this blog, and it becomes interesting as possible.